Campaign for the Jangano Children

The campaign to raise funds for the Jangano students continues…more progress is being made from Eugene to Bellingham! Watch for the latest and for more background on the problem! The children need to be enrolled within the next 2 weeks for the 3rd term. Email or call with questions…Thank you for your help!Плиты ленточных фундаментов

Donation for Deze Received – Tatenda!

We have received the $200 donation for Fradreck’s personal deze – Thank You – Tatenda for everyone’s continued support! You may still make donations to support the Jangano project on the website at – or by check to PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374.RPK Tramplin

$200 Donation Gets Fradreck’s Personal Deze!

During Fradreck and Sam Mujurus’ US tour (until September 19th) we have a special offer of free gifts when you support the work in the Dambatsoko region, being done by the Jangano team directed by Fradreck. For $200 you receive Fradreck’s personal deze, which he has used in many countries around the world since 1996 as he has been sharing the traditional mbira music from Zimbabwe. (This is a limited time and incredibly special offer.) For $100 you receive a Mwoyochena kuZimbabwe CD or an Ancient Ways t-shirt. For $25 you receive a gift card of your choice. All proceeds are benefiting Jangano. Email us at or call 541-259-HOPE or 877-TATENDA of your interest right away!

8-15 Wednesday Afternoon Visit with Mujurus

We have the pleasure of having Fradreck Mujuru, our Jangano Project Director, here in Lacomb for a visit, as well as his brother Sam. Both are mbira players, teachers, and makers, as well as delightful people with which to talk! Please make a little time to come on Wednesday the 15th from 3ish to 5:30 p.m., bring some finger food and get to know our Zimbabwean friends.

Fradreck and Sam were expected to arrive in June but had some Visa difficulties, due to a typo of all things, and so we were unable to schedule anything sooner or more elaborate you can try here. We hope you can fit in this opportunity and share your time and interests with them while hearing about the latest from Zimbabwe.

Rehearsal for the upcoming performance on Saturday will follow at 5:30 p.m. for Mutambo and Detembo at 6:30 p.m. and so you are welcome to stick around for an evening of marimba music too! Feel free to bring more food and drink of your choice if you will stay later. I am sure that we can schedule in an mbira lesson if you like. Do give Jaiaen a call or email with any questions!