Update from Zimbabwe!

Greetings! Jaiaen is in Zimbabwe for the first time in five years, and has sent home a report on how she is finding things there. The complete report can be found here, but the following is her quick synopsis:

  • Feeling much gratitude for everything!
  • What it’s like here in town and the rural area… summertime, a safe friendly culture, a struggling economy beyond your imagination, a resilient people,
  • There is an impending drought and feeding the hungry may be on the agenda in 2016,
  • Our preschool is having several challenges – over $2,000 can solve some unexpected problems… can you help us be part of the solution?
  • Thank you for whatever you can do!

Hopefully we will get further updates during Jaiaen's trip. Watch this spot!

Books for Zimbabwe

This is a reminder that books to be sent to Zimbabwe need to be here in Scio Oregon by this weekend! Please get your special selections in the mail so that they get shipped to arrive while I’m visiting there. Any good read from preschool to adult is appreciated! Remember the address is PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374. Thanks much!Компоненты маркетинга