As always, your continued support means everything.

  The child's life is the path, and YOU make the difference!


We unexpectedly are focusing on Covid-19 like the rest of the world.

Please check out what we are up to with CHANGE!


To find the ways you can get involved with our programs, which are providing services both here and in Zimbabwe, check out the SHOP.
Also please read our annual letter!  And, the note from our President of the Ancient Ways board.
You can also:
  • print the 2020 donation form here, mailing to us at PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374, or
  • call the office to donate over the phone at 877-TATENDA or 541-259-HOPE.
If you are interested in a "penny (or spare change) drive" please feel free to use either of these GREAT CHANGE FOR ZIMBABWE labels on a half-gallon or gallon jar.  We have always been able to do a great deal with very little.  Every amount matters!

How to Make the Biggest Impact

  1. Through the office, a recurring credit card donation can be set up for monthly, quarterly or annually, or through a bank draft you can set up a recurring check.  Either of these options lighten our task immensely because the committed funds help make budgeting and planning much easier.
  2. When you use amazon for purchases, use and choose Ancient Ways in Scio Oregon as the non-profit of your choice for Amazon to make their donation.
  3. Check with your employer to see if they have a matching funds program which can double your donation, or give based upon your community volunteer hours.
  4. Become a member of Ancient Ways!
  5. Volunteer!  We are a grass-roots volunteer based organization that has many specialized needs...your natural talents can help us meet goals!
  6. Share us with your friends in whatever way you us tell the story!

JOIN US AS WE Continue to Evolve After

25 years of ANCIENT WAYS

as the non-profit organization,
established November 30th, 1994,

& 20 years of NHIMBE for PROGRESS

(Check out Nhimbe achievements HERE)
established November 25th, 1999!



Thank you for whatever you can do!

Tatenda Chaizvo! (we thank you very much!)