Zimbabwe is on my mind today…

Zimbabwe is on my mind today, particularly the children. You and I can’t solve the world’s problems but we can make a difference! With our attention, focus, and compassion, each of us does change the world! Any donation you make to Ancient Ways is fully tax-deductible. There are still a couple of days left to use your donation as a tax-deductible write-off for 2014.

If you have already replied to our earlier email, thank you very much! If our original letter to you is not available, please see Ancient Ways Website for the annual update and check out 2015 Donation Focus for ideas as to how to help. Any amount makes a difference! And all our programs, such as pure water wells or maturing girls assistance, are vital. But I am writing to you today because there is only a month, with much preparation to do, before the schools open, and currently we have dedicated funds for a little over 17% of the children. Other donations given towards “greatest need” can be put towards the preschool funding but if you are moved by the plight of young children, you can ask that we direct your funds to the preschool.

During this holiday break, most of us have been able to share time with family and/or friends. We can easily buy gas, use our telephone without interference, and watch movies of our choice. We have medical facilities we can count on, insurance that helps with the unexpected, and stores with an abundance of food and other basics. We have so very much for which to be thankful.

If you are able, please share some of your abundance with one of our preschool children. The average cost per child is $330 for the year which is less than $30 a month, or $1 a day.

Please mail a check to PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374, use the online system at the web links above, or call the office at 877-TATENDA to setup a recurring charge on any credit card. Credit cards and PayPal have a fee for use so a check is most direct, but if you enjoy the convenience of the online system or a phone call, they work and we are happy to help! Thank you in advance for whatever you can do!

Always feel free to write or call with questions…thank you for the consideration,

Have you seen our annual letter?

Have you received our annual letter, which we just sent in the last couple of days? It would have come directly from the office to you, personalized for your ease. You can also go to https://www.ancient-ways.org/news/annual-newsletters/ to find the latest update and a general purpose donation form that can be used and/or also sent to family and friends, if you would like to forward them this information. Check out https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2015-focus/ for an online version of the donation form. Thank you for your time and attention! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Great W.A.T.E.R! News!

W.A.T.E.R! = Wells And Toilets Everyone’s Right! After some difficulties in acquiring cement, we are now in a position to source the cement for wells! Ancient Ways has saved enough since 2013 to build 22 wells right away before the rainy season comes in November. Around 7% of the residents have a pure water well. We have about 515 left to build, 280 in Nhimbe and 235 in Jangano.
If you have a “special project” jar, in which you have saved up your skipped-video-or-latte money, or, are moved in your heart to make a big difference in an extended family’s life, consider DONATING NOW at https://www.ancient-ways.org/programs/facilities-improvement/water-for-wells/.
Don’t hesitate…Join us in our W.A.T.E.R! program. One well costs $250 to build , or $23/month if using a reoccurring credit card (CALL THE OFFICE at 541-259-HOPE or 877-TATENDA). Any amount helps…Plus, your family surname is painted on the well. Thank you for increasing a family’s garden productivity, overall health and wellbeing, as well as ensuring their future. Always feel free to call or write with questions! Tatenda Chaizvo!

Zimfest Volunteers

Very soon Ancient Ways will be participating in the annual Zimbabwe Music Festival, this year in Tacoma Washington July 25th-27th. Zimfest 2014 will be held on the University of Puget Sound campus where there is an incredible line up of musicians for afternoon and evening concerts, workshops for all levels of learning, and a marketplace that shares a super variety of African goods. Check out 2014.zimfest.org for the full information!

If you are able to attend Zimfest, please do come by the booth and say hello as Ancient Ways will have the exquisite serpentine sculpture from Mhondoro, textiles and jewelry from the village residents, as well as some children’s toys, CDs and T-shirts tamiflu medicine. Make it a point to stop in as we always love to reconnect with you and share the latest.

Please let us know if you are attending and are able to help Ancient Ways by taking a shift at the booth over the 3 days at the marketplace. We have the advantage of having front and center access to the free afternoon stage each day so you won’t miss a beat! If you can give us a hand with setting up or taking down the booth, or taking a 1 or 2 hour shift during market hours, please let us know right away as we are committed to sharing information and village crafts with everyone, and that means many hours and many hands from 8:30 am to 6 pm, from start to finish all three days.

Thank you! Looking forward to hearing from you. See you there!

Upcoming Zimbabwe Music Venues

Come join the Ancient Ways Community Ensembles as they share the sweet sounds of Shona music on marimba!
• May 2nd, 1:15 – 2 pm, Muti Marimba at LBCC One Vibe Diversity Day. Find us on West Way near the greenhouse…weather looks incredible…come and explore the campus in Albany!
• May 11th, Mother’s Day, Marimba Detembo and Muti Marimba share the stage from 12:30 – 2 pm, at The Thyme Garden in Alsea.
• Later on the 11th from 3:30 – 5 pm, Marimba Detembo and Mufambo Marimba finish the afternoon at the annual Mother’s Day celebration at Thyme Garden. Scrumptious food offerings, savory adult beverages, and unique gift booths add to the beautiful and bountiful nursery ambiance. Hope to see you there!

Also, remember May 3rd as Musekiwa Chingodza comes to Corvallis! Singing workshop 4 – 5:30 pm (541-752-7559541-752-7559) and Mhofela evening concert 7:30 pm (https://www.ancient-ways.org/2014/04/)

Mbira Performance Saturday May 3 in Corvallis

When: Saturday May 3, 7:30 p.m.


Where: Imagine Coffee, Corvallis, Oregon


What: Mhofela Performing Mbira Music!



Come join us as Musekiwa Chingodza, here from Zimbabwe, and Bud Cohen bring the ancient sweet sounds of mbira music to Corvallis at Imagine Coffee on Saturday May 3, 7:30 p.m. Imagine Coffee is located at 5460 SW Philomath Blvd. (additional parking across the street at Bi-Mart). Call 541-286-4340 for more information. $10 suggested donation. Look forward to a lively evening!


Older Students Need Your Help to Stay in School!

Our older students require much more financial support than our younger ones – look at these young girls and see if you might help them – they have managed to stay in school despite the odds.  Please go to https://www.ancient-ways.org/sponsorships/older-students/ to donate towards their education by entering the amount in the “Special Case Sponsorship” field and their name in the comment field in your shopping cart.  You can also join a team of people who want to sponsor by donating any amount!  We need to raise $165+$418+$600 ($1,183) Thanks!kahovka-service

MELODY NYANDORO is doing form three at Dewedzo High School.  Melody is a determined girl who lives with her mother after her parents were separated. Her mother is unemployed and cannot afford her daughter’s school fees. Melody said that she aspires to become a medical doctor. Her tuition fees are $165.  We are interested in seeing her have a chance.  Can you help Melody stay in school?

PAIDAMOYO MUJURU is doing her final ‘A’ levels at Kuwadzana High School. Paidamoyo, whose mother is late, stays with her father Samuel Mujuru and her stepmother. Sam visited the US in 2012 with Fradreck and we were fortunate to spend time with him here at Ancient Ways. Paidamoyo is very inspired and she is hardworking.  Because this is her last year before University level, she has special exams in History, Shona, Divinity and Communication Skills, for which the student is responsible to pay fees prior to taking.  Her tuition and exam fees are $418. Can you help Paidamoyo to continue with her education?

VICTORIA TINOTENDA MUJURU is studying for her final ‘A’ levels at St. Dominic’s High School. Victoria has always shown so much potential since during her primary days. She passed her ordinary levels with flying colours, gaining 6 ‘A’ grades, 3′B’ grades and 1 C grade. In her midyear tests in lower sixth she has been getting an average of 12 points. Victoria is working hard in order to get distinctions at the end of this year. Her tuition fees including exam fees in Business Studies, Mathematics, and Geography are $1,879.  Victoria aspires to become a banker after University.  Can you help her stay in school and achieve her goals to move on to the University?


Funds for new HP computer

We have 10 days left to help Ancient Ways raise money for a much needed computer! We only need a few more donations to reach the $150 still required! Do you know anyone that works for HP? HP will donate the rest to get a super computer that will last.Утепление каркасных домов пенопластом



Please call or email right away if you know anyone who can help –even $10, $25, $50 will quickly make up the remaining $150!



Zimbabwe and 2014

Dear Friends of Zimbabwe,Mountains Photo

Normally by now, an annual letter would be on its way to you, to share an update of our many successes and challenges this year, as well as to ask for your continued support towards our work in 2014. This year, the news will be coming a bit late. My husband has been at home in hospice due to Agent Orange and so my attention has been redirected to these personally urgent things.

We invite you to follow these links to our website and either:
1) Make your annual donation online using your credit card at https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2014-focus/
2) Print the donation form from the website https://www.ancient-ways.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/2014-donation-form.pdf and send a check payable to Ancient Ways to PO BOX 346 Scio OR 97374
3) Call the office and set up a recurring payment of any amount on your credit card at 541-259-4673 or 877-TATENDA.

A newsy update will follow in time, and help share a more up-close look at what we are doing and how. We continue to make inroads through the difficult terrain created by economic hardships in two rural areas of Zimbabwe through the Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano projects. When considering donating, please remember that:

 Children in Zimbabwe are not guaranteed a free education. Even though unemployment is at 95%, #1 in the entire world, the parents are required to pay tuition for all grades of school. We not only run a model preschool and feed the children daily, but also sponsor students in all grades who are particularly deserving due to their earnest efforts, and/or needs.
 Older students are also not easily able to go on to higher education. If children in our villages are able to rise through the rural schools with high enough grades we really must invest in them.
 Boys and girls of all ages have limited hope-producing opportunities due to sub-standard living conditions and poverty impacting their health and nutrition. Our after-school programs can reach these children and provide a success filled atmosphere, helpful peer bonding, and health education intervention/intercession.
 Girl children are more vulnerable to forced underage marriage (1 in 5), lack of health education, and simply being taken advantage of. Our empowering programs are reaching young girls with tools and skill building for HIV-free living.
 Mortality rate for pregnant women and infants ranks 14th in 183 countries around the world. We are providing prenatal support and education for women during these times of great risk.
 8 in 100 residents (less than 1 in 10) in our rural areas have a well-built pit-style toilet or pure water well. We continue to build wells as the priority to reduce disease and fatalities, each year benefiting extended families with a well that will last for generations.

There is much more to share in terms of background, pictures, etc., but it will need to wait…we ask you to check out the website if you are unfamiliar with our humanitarian outreach in Zimbabwe, our local music programs, and the incredible gifts in our online store https://www.ancient-ways.org/store/for-sale/zimbabwean-sculptures/ where you find gifts that keep on living!

Thank you for considering our programs and services this year in your annual giving or tithing pledges. Remember that all donations are 100% tax deductible! Always feel free to call with questions.

Jaiaen Beck
Executive Director, Ancient Ways