Did you forget us this year?

Did you happen to forget Ancient Ways as 2012 drew to a close, and we all began the New Year with speed and intensity? Unfortunately, my email program is so basic, that I have to send this to everyone, whether or not you sent us a donation. Отопительные приборы

Thank you so much if you already responded to our annual letter in December! We appreciate it! We have several ongoing programs that are directly serving almost 3,000 people … that means a great deal of expenses which continue year round. For example in 2013:

• We have already spent a few thousand dollars to operate our preschool and feed approximately 70 children a hearty and nutritious meal every day. Your donation of $100 makes this happen for the whole year.
• We have already spent a few thousand dollars to operate the Health Center, which only costs $2 per person to provide services. A high-percentage of recipients are children. For example, a donation of $50 sponsors 25 people (20 or so are children) to receive medical care and health education at no cost. We are not providing x-rays, etc. but are interceding at a basic first aid level, which is unavailable free-of-charge anywhere in Zimbabwe.
• We are giving a couple hundred children afterschool/weekend/holiday programs as part of Girl Guides and a Boy Scouts type of program. This month is their month-long holiday from school, and they are able to attend a weekend campout, which is where we discover more about our individual children. For instance, we find that they need underwear, or that the teen girls need help with their monthly care, or other very personal details of their lives, for example discussing premarital sex and HIV. This is the place we can intervene. The entire year costs only $15 per child.
• We are making plans now to be able to build the next group of wells beginning when the rainy season has ended in May. A donation of only $250 builds an extended family a well which lasts for generations. This costs $5.21 per week. Your family name is painted on the well top.
• We have committed to sponsoring many children for school but can’t proceed without a donation from you. $100 is an average amount that helps keep a child in school who otherwise cannot pay their school tuition – attending school in Zimbabwe is not free!

These are only a few of the many services we offer in two regions in Zimbabwe. Did you forget to send in a donation this year to be part of this collaborative effort that makes a huge difference in so many people’s lives? It’s not just the recipient of the service themselves that is affected, but their entire family is impacted by what we are able to bring, because of your help. Can you find it in your budget?

Please consider what you might be able to do and call the office 877-TATENDA or 541-259-HOPE, or visit us on the web at https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2013-focus/. Or, checks can be sent to PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374, made payable to Ancient Ways. Become a sustaining member with a regular bank draft or credit card donation – then we really know what to count on!

It all adds up and YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE! Always feel free to call me with questions, or go to www.ancient-ways.org.

Thank you! Tatenda Chaizvo!

Special Needs Students in Zimbabwe Need Assistance!

We have 3 students left , who are particularly deserving, intelligent, ready and capable to tackle a better school than the one in their rural home, but need our help. Please help us help them to succeed! See ancient-ways.org/sponsorships/older-students/ for more details. Polite Shara is at Glen View 2 High School doing her Form 2, with tuition costs at $297. Paidamoyo Mujuru is in Form 5, attending Kuwadzana High School, with tuition costs of $479. Joseph Mandevani is in Form 2 at Mt Pleasant High School wtih tuition costs of $594.
You can sponsor one of these students today, or they can be helped by using the Team Approach where we pool whatever amount you can offer, with others. Please call the office to setup a re-occuring credit card charge, or use Paypal, or check. Thank you so much for helping these earnest students!Антилопы

Jangano Fundraiser – Massive Marimba Concert by the Students of MyLinda King

April 20th, Saturday Noon to 4:30 FREE!
Portland Foursquare Church 2830 NE Flanders St. Portland, OR
Put on your dancing shoes and come hear eight bands, both children and adult, play high-energy music from Zimbabwe and Botswana
Silent auction and raffle for some great goods and services.
All proceeds will go towards the Jangano Project of Ancient Ways
For more info mylindaking@gmail.comAton mebel

Zimbabwe Donations for 2012

We have two more days that are available this year to use for fully tax-deductible donations for 2012. We, at Ancient Ways as well as the residents of Mhondoro and Dewedzo Mountains, certainly appreciate all of what you have done in the past and however you help in the future.
We have great goals to accomplish and are able to fulfill these commitments because of your sustaining support. Health for all residents, and youth wellbeing (physically, emotionally, socially, academically), are our primary focuses for 2013. If you have not already visited our website check out www.ancient-ways.org or specifically for donating this year, go to https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2013-focus/. If you wish to use a credit card monthly, please call 877-TATENDA or 541-259-HOPE to set up a reoccurring payment. For example, $5.21 a week builds a well in Zimbabwe! And, $100 provides health care for 50 people, 40 of which are children! Are either of these within reach for your family?
Thank you if you have already earmarked our organization for your charitable giving! Please feel free to forward our story to a friend or family member. It takes a collaborative team here and there to move the wheels of progress. You are an important spoke in making the circle strong.
Wishing you and yours a safe, profitable, and happy new year!Казарки

Pampered Chef Fundraiser!

Great News! We are partnering with one of our music community members to raise money for our Zimbabwean Youth Well Being children utilizing the Pampered Chef products. People like to give gifts and Pampered Chef makes it easy to:
• order high quality and unique kitchen items,
• receive your order (or send a gift) in a timely way, and
• send up to 25% of the order cost to Ancient Ways!
We decided to collaborate with Robin Reimer as our consultant. She is donating time and proceeds to Ancient Ways. We thought you should know about this great way to ‘contribute’ to our efforts in Zimbabwe!межвенцовые утеплители, как сделать оптимальный выбор

From November 22nd to December 12th you can order: 1) online www.pamperedchef.biz/robinreimer – choose Ancient Ways as your fundraiser, or 2) or talk to Robin by phone at (541) 908-4779. Your order will arrive in 7-11 days. It’s all so easy!

The funds raised will be put towards the services provided by the Youth Well Being Program. The focus includes: their music, library, after school activities, Life Skills Learning Retreats, Underwear for Over There, and/or Monthly Care for Over There.

Thanks for jumping on board and considering this as one of your gift-giving ideas for the 2012 holiday season! Please call or email Robin at robinandchris1@msn.com with any questions!
Here are a few FAQs:
• Each order has a $5.25 shipping/handling fee if the order is local mid-Willamette Valley. The website calculates shipping.
• If you spend $75.00 or more on products, you will receive a FREE stackable cooling rack with your order. It is the December Guest Special.
• Payments can be made by credit card or check to Robin Reimer.

Jangano Students Sponsored for 2012 – Thank you!

Thank you so much for your tremendous support this year to help keep the Jangano children in school. Since the school fees went up 33% as of January 2012, and donations were less this year, we ended up with many village residents trying to cover their children’s fees, hence some of the students were dropping out. Because of your generosity and timely response to our summer campaign to raise close to $4,000, we managed to get all the kids covered. Read more at www.ancient-ways.org/projects/jangano/campaign-to-keep-jangano-children-in-school/ Tatenda! Maita basa!Ремонт линолеума. Исправление дефектов

New videos from Zimbabwe!

Check out the new videos on our youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/Jaiaen?feature=mhee or our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ancient-Ways/151558868231343.

There are 3 videos of marimba classes at the Nhimbe Community Center.  The Nhimbe Community Center in Mhondoro offers marimba classes for all ages.  One video shows a beginning group of various ages learning from Kennedy, one of our Youth Well Being leaders. Based upon weather and whether we have visitors, classes are offered inside a Community Center hut and some are offered outside.

Another new video shows the Nhimbe Preschool children singing a classic song about body parts.

Funding for Jangano School Children Sponsorships

We have made great headway in raising funds for the school children in the Dewedzo region who are in the Jangano project. We only have 12% left to raise to keep these students in school for 2012! We started this year with $2,200, have raised over $3,200 in the last 2 months, and we have less than $750 left, thanks to many of your efforts.
Our challenges with keeping children in school have been more than a few but we are holding the vision. I want to encourage you to contact me right away if can offer some part of the $750. Please feel free to go on the website https://www.ancient-ways.org/projects/jangano/campaign-to-keep-jangano-children-in-school/ and make a donation of any amount there, or send a check to Ancient Ways at PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374. We also can take credit cards of any type over the phone at 877-TATENDA. Do consider this request now as the children’s school fees must be paid right away. The immediacy of the concern is great because as soon as Fradreck returns home to the villages, he will be confronted with deciding who doesn’t go to school based upon our success on this side. Please feel free to write me with any questions at windgatherer@ancient-ways.org. Thank you to all of you who have been helping, both financially, and in mind and body.RA Grani

Marimba Detembo in Silverton Celebration

Come and join Ancient Ways with Marimba Detembo in downtown Silverton this Saturday Oct 6th from 1-3 pm in front of Café Earth 201 E Main St!inFOLIO Research Group

It will be a full and fun day enjoying music in and around 25 downtown shops from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. Maps and schedule can be found at Silver Creek Coffee Shop at 11 N Water St. For 2-3 blocks in every direction there will be 34 musical groups including blue grass, rock and roll, as well as street musicians like didgeridoo, drummers, and doo wop a cappella. See you there!

Campaign for the Jangano Children

The campaign to raise funds for the Jangano students continues…more progress is being made from Eugene to Bellingham! Watch https://www.ancient-ways.org/?page_id=2134 for the latest and https://www.ancient-ways.org/?page_id=2075 for more background on the problem! The children need to be enrolled within the next 2 weeks for the 3rd term. Email or call with questions…Thank you for your help!Плиты ленточных фундаментов