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With the advent of the Covid-19 spread, and the potential infection rate in Zimbabwe, Ancient Ways’ immediate mission is to reach each family with intervention.

Please CLICK HERE to check out our overall progress, updated regularly! Click here to see limited updates on the Zimbabwe situation. Selectively see the progress report on your specific area of interest below.

  1. Education: effective hand-washing technique, practical education in mask making, wearing, and sterilization, social distancing, correct Covid-19 hygiene practices, and leaflet distribution in Shona. Please CLICK HERE to check out our “educational” progress, updated regularly!
  2. Resources: invaluable resources such as, soap, the materials/supplies for soap manufacture if soap becomes unavailable, and high-quality mask fabric, plus seamstress support for those in need. Please CLICK HERE to check out our “resources” progress, updated regularly!
  3. Well-Deepening and Repairs: to reduce cross-contamination among neighbors who share their well due to the drought, and increase availability to water to support regular hand-washing, improve family garden production and build overall immune health. Please CLICK HERE to check out our “well related” progress, updated regularly!
  4. Intervention for the Vulnerable: we are able to provide nutrient-rich greens, and with time, moringa tree leaves, to the vulnerable populations of the elderly (over 70), pregnant and nursing women, as well as resuming meals for our Nhimbe for Progress preschoolers (currently closed by the government), all utilizing our Community Center garden and orchard to support the food value chain. Please CLICK HERE to check out our “vulnerable intervention” progress, updated regularly!

In 2020, our intention is to increase our distribution of knowledge and resources within the Nhimbe for Progress villages, where we have been operating since 2000 to include the above mentioned components.  Once implemented there, we are prepared to expand within Chief Nherera’s region, as well as other neighboring chieftainships in the Mhondoro area.

The premise of the CHANGE! network is that every individual involved in any way, being a recipient or part of the distribution team, are all teachers.  Every single person must take whatever knowledge is given them very seriously and pledge to pass it on correctly.  If anyone has been shy or timid, now is the time to step up!

Greatest Need - Please Carry Out the Vision!
Greatest Need – Please Carry Out the Vision!
The Ancient Ways vision is broad and deep, and inclusive of heritage preservation. The four fundamental pillars that create a strong Nhimbe for Progress structure are: providing services for health, education, facilities improvements, and sustainability. Any amount helps! Thank you for your support!

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