$200 Donation Gets Fradreck’s Personal Deze!

During Fradreck and Sam Mujurus’ US tour (until September 19th) we have a special offer of free gifts when you support the work in the Dambatsoko region, being done by the Jangano team directed by Fradreck. For $200 you receive Fradreck’s personal deze, which he has used in many countries around the world since 1996 as he has been sharing the traditional mbira music from Zimbabwe. (This is a limited time and incredibly special offer.) For $100 you receive a Mwoyochena kuZimbabwe CD or an Ancient Ways t-shirt. For $25 you receive a gift card of your choice. All proceeds are benefiting Jangano. Email us at gogreen@ancient-ways.org or call 541-259-HOPE or 877-TATENDA of your interest right away!

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