Lets talk about the printable items first!

Please let us know what you need.  You help tell our story and we so appreciate it!

  • If you would like to receive some brochures to share with your group, please let us know and they can be mailed easily.
  • If you would like to print our full-color brochures, please find the master copy here.
  • Here is the Annual Letter from the Executive Director and the Annual Letter from the President of the Ancient Ways Board.
  • The Printable donation form is HERE.
  • In 2018 the Ministry of Social Services requested a list of things that we had achieved since our inception, so that the new government could recognize that we exist.  In a way, this is very Ubuntu of them. Their explanation was that they are starting anew.  During Cosmas’ 2018 visit with Jaiaen, they spent several hours talking and writing to prepare this document for the Ministry. If you have ever wondered what we’ve been up to, its all here!
  • If you are interested in a “penny (or spare change) drive” please feel free to use either of these GREAT CHANGE FOR ZIMBABWE labels on a half-gallon or gallon jar.  We have always been able to do a great deal with very little.  Every amount matters!

Great Change for Zimbabwe
Great Change for Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe continues to grow and evolve. With new political leadership, we hold hope along with our Zimbabwean neighbors. What if you looked under the sofa cushions and in the bottom of that drawer and found some change? How much change is hanging out on the edges, just waiting to be found and put to use? Could you put it towards this effort to raise awareness and funds for our efforts in Mhondoro to uplift the rural people, provide new opportunities, and improve sub-standard living conditions? Thank you for whatever you can do!

  • Anything else?

Teacher Packets

Teacher packets are available on a donation basis. They include a CD containing a PowerPoint slide show with over a hundred pictures, a DVD containing multiple short documentaries (some as seen below), and some promotional ideas if you would like to share our story. This packet is appropriate for all ages K to adult, and groups of any sizes from small informal gatherings to larger formal meetings.

Teacher Sharing Package
Teacher Sharing Package
Let us provide you with a variety of teaching materials to share an up-close and personal view into Zimbabwe through our many years of working in the rural areas of Mhondoro. At a minimum, we send a Powerpoint CD, DVD with films, and brochures that have emerged through collaboration with filmakers, artists and the residents of the villages we have been serving since 2000. Let us know the group with whom you will be sharing and we may be able to include more in this packet. Please make a donation towards these items and their shipping. Thank you!

Shipping Costs
Shipping Costs
Please add however much needed so we can ship your CDs or T-shirts. It costs about $2 for each item. Rock and mineral shipping costs can be determined by phone. Thank you!


Below are videos which were created by professionals who have donated their time to support our efforts, with the exception of the Underwear for Over There video, which was made on a cheap smart phone by our Senior Nurse.

Cosmas Magaya, Ancient Ways and Nhimbe for Progress

This interview and video report from 2011 appears courtesy of suprememastertv.com.

Underwear for Over There Celebration!

This 2011 video clip shows the joy of the girl guides who received 3 pair of panties in response to our “Underwear for Over There” Campaign. Many more girls received underwear but were not present at this Girl Guides Life Skills Learning Retreat in late August. In 2012, we expanded the campaign to be “Underwear and Monthly Care for Over There” to help meet the personal health needs of our young women. 2017 we again expanded the program to produce our own re-usable washable supplies, and have been able to provide buckets, soap, underwear and weekly meetings to all girls who want to attend.  We call that the Mhandara Monthly Care (MMC) program.

Nhimbe Documentary

This 15 minute documentary, produced and directed in 2004 by Dana Vion and Molly Sirois from Eugene, Oregon, is available for shipping immediately. Thank you for your interest and support of Nhimbe for Progress! You can learn more and contact Dana at http://www.skysthelimitcreative.com/.

Jangano Introduction Film

This 5 minute introduction to the Jangano Project, produced by Robin Truesdale from Boulder, Colorado in 2006 after a brief stay in June, is available for shipping right away. Thank you for your interest and support of Jangano! You can learn more about and contact Robin at http://www.robintruesdale.com.

Village Scenes in Rural Zimbabwe

This 20 minute film is showing rural life for a family and was produced by Robin Truesdale from Boulder, Colorado in 2006 after a brief stay in June. Most people do not have the education and understanding that is being demonstrated by this family’s gardening techniques and prosperous abundant harvest. This film shows what is possible when people are “given the fishing pole and not the fish”. It also shows an unusual harvest during a year of difficult weather. You can learn more about and contact Robin at http://www.robintruesdale.com.

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