Here is the latest 2018 gig SET LIST:



Here are the most recent PARTS LISTS:


Here are the instructions for the CALENDAR:

  • Password is AWmarimba!
  • Instructions are here.
  • PLEASE help us maintain the calendar with your interesting lives!



  • Nhimbe Fundraiser is December 7th in Eugene at Whirled Pies from 6 to 9.  More info coming soon. We will set up at 5 pm and welcome any and all assistance.  If you are good with records come with your pen behind your ear.  Thanks!
  • 2019 brings us a gig at Western Oregon University, March 30th from 11 to 1230.  Set list and more info will be forthcoming.
  • Zimfest is in Monmouth again August 8-11, 2019 - are you going to be around?  Not very often that it is so close by!


  • Here is some Silverton gig footage for your entertainment.  Most of these were not started at the beginning, or to the end, but can still be used for your edification.  Community Marimba or Kufindura.
  • If anyone has time to google solutions for turning Hombi back upright (in the Kufindura link) it would be most helpful.  We don't know how it got uploaded upside down.  We had lots of challenges with that song.  Put on your tech hat and see what can be done...thanks!