Develop the Library!
Develop the Library!
Our library has been evolving since 2001, and now carries around 2,500 books. Shona and English titles are available in fiction and non-fiction. Books are looked after by our librarian, and are made available to all ages, both inside and outside of the six Nhimbe villages. Families walk quite a distance to be able to read. Children are also able to study for their exams at the library, since at school anywhere from five to twenty children may be sharing one book! All assistance in any form is helpful!
 Our Nhimbe Library has come so far since 2001!  We began very early on to see the enormous need for books in the rural area.  The stories we hear from everyone is that only Universities have libraries.  So we have a real treasure right there in the midst of the rural area!
If you are interested in donating towards the library function, there are several ways that funds are used:
  • We pay a librarian to help keep things in order and follow-up on the books whereabouts.  We had an unfortunate situation many years ago where one or more people took the books home and then set about to sell them.  So after that we discontinued letting the books out.  But possibly recently things have changed, if someone is well-known to the librarian, then she might let a book leave the premises.
  • We would like to purchase books in Shona.  Zimbabwe is a bi-lingual country, and English is the 2nd language, but all exams are in English, and so its crucial for empowerment to be able to read and write English.  The Original language carries nuances that are non-translatable into English and so its an important part of the resident’s heritage to also have Shona books.  Very modern Shona students are actually not versed in what they call “deep Shona” which is ancient.  They have to call on an elder for translation.  We are watching a language gradually be replaced…lets not let that happen.
  • We print a small accordion-style one page booklet for the preschoolers born out of inspiration from the Red Zebra project.  This gives every child a book to learn numbers and animals in Shona and English.  It’s a clever use of paper and information to get the little ones started early being able and interested in learning and books, but also presets a belief that having a book for yourself is a basic, thereby moving forward in life with that expectancy.
  • We have an idea for helping to organize the books based upon their simple reading category, by using a binding tape in different colors.  Research has not been done on whether we can get colored binding tape or the easiest way to accomplish this, but purchasing the supplies is one of the steps.
  • Eventually to have some furnishings would be a real expanded idea. We have little in the way of tables and chairs and so people take seats anywhere they can find a place to be.  The floor or the field, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that they are getting this incredible opportunity to read!
  • Bookcases are limited, and not really made for library shelving.  With time we will have some improved shelving.
If you would like to donate a book, or a few books, please mail them to the PO box 346 Scio OR address, but first, check out this google doc that shows just what we have on hand. This will help to assure that we have the very best selection there.
  • The red color indicates a questionable spelling.
  • The green indicates missing info.
  • Mid-way on the “Edit” part of the menu, you can use the “Find/Replace” function to see if a word in the title you have in mind is found in our register. Once you have clicked on Find (replace will be grey), you must click on Find in the new window.  For instance, if you enter “elephant” then click find, notice the excel sheet cell that is highlighted has the first occurrence of elephant in the title. Click again and it will find the next occurrence.
  • On the Data part of the menu, you can click on Sort so it will be sorted into an organization that suits your preference.

Please think about your favorite books as a child.  We want the best in literature to stimulate their minds and whet their appetite for knowledge, reading, education, etc.  If we send the discard pile from the library it will not serve the goal.  Thank you for your generosity!  This is how the Nhimbe Library has been built!