The Kogi People

Ancient Ways feels it is imperative to pass on the message from the Kogi people. We all need to hear them. They are speaking to us about our mother, the earth, without which none of us can live. Please see the following:

    • WATCH: From the Heart of the World - The Elder Brother's Warning (1991); VHS available at
    • READ: The Heart of the World, Ereira, Alan. 1990, London: Jonathan Cape (may be hard to find.) Alan Ereira's book has been re-published by the Tairona Trust as The Elder Brother's Warning. It is available from them at  Tairona Trust has much great information on their website.
  • Also see for more information.

What Can You Do?

If you have been moved by the Kogi message, do write We can affect change if we work together. If nothing else, buy and then loan the video or book to everyone you know.