What You Can Do To Help

Thank you for your interest in Ancient Ways!

Ancient Ways is primarily a volunteer organization, made up of many individuals from all over the US, Canada, the UK and Zimbabwe. All of the fundraising for Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano is sustained by grassroots efforts, which have been highly successful thanks to the many humanitarian hearts that hold a priority for the Mhondoro residents and the services we are providing.

Greatest Need - Please Carry Out the Vision!
Greatest Need – Please Carry Out the Vision!
The Ancient Ways vision is broad and deep, and inclusive of heritage preservation. The four fundamental pillars that create a strong Nhimbe for Progress structure are: providing services for health, education, facilities improvements, and sustainability. Any amount helps! Thank you for your support!

Becoming a member of Ancient Ways is a great way to help us over the long haul. Membership carries benefits to you such as discounts on marimba classes as well as on purchases. Membership is $25 per year.

Ancient Ways Annual Membership
Ancient Ways Annual Membership
Annually supporting us through a membership helps us to fulfill our mission. Expenses, such as insurance, accounting, and IRS related fees can create a distraction. Your annual membership lifts this financial burden allowing the organization the focus needed in carrying out the Ancient Ways vision. Thank you for your support!

Financial Donations

You can make a fully tax-deductible donation to Ancient Ways.  Check out the various categories at the SHOPHere is the way to contribute:

  • Use your credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover), or your PayPal account
  • Call the office (877-TATENDA or 541-259-HOPE) to use your credit card by phone, or make a pledge that you will follow up on later, or
  • Mail a check to us in Scio OR 97374 at PO Box 346, made payable to Ancient Ways.

When you give to our programs you can also:

  • Set up an on-going monthly, quarterly or annual donation, (this must be done by phone) or
  • Making a one-time donation,


  • Request a specific focus for your donation (which program or service in which you are interested), or
  • Suggest that we determine the greatest need at the moment.

Donations of Time, Energy and Things

Money is the obvious donation that is most often considered, but your time and energy is another, and a very valuable resource! There are some special items also that can be donated.  Ancient Ways has been built on all of these important contributing factors, like the right and left arms and legs, they are pieces of the puzzle.

Currently we are able to take donations of:
  • 100% Cotton Flannel for the Mhandara Monthly Care program – please only darker colors.
  • Library books for all ages – please only the best reading material.  Also, do check out this google document which is in ongoing maintenance (red is spelling questions, and green is missing info).  It lists all 2,500 or so books which are in our Mhondoro library, so you can first verify that you are not sending something of which we already have a copy. Use the Find/Replace function under Edit on the google menu bar.
Get together with a friend or your ensemble to bring more hands on board, or join us solo. Consider what might fit into your schedule:
  • Sell village crafts at your next community event.
  • Sell our CD Mwoyochena kuZimbabwe.
  • Donate a performance to raise money through your music.
  • Organize a bottle, paper, or penny drive at school (penny drives are the least hassle and quite productive.)
  • Help inventory the village products at the Lacomb warehouse.
  • Take our Teacher’s Packet into your local school to let teachers and administrators know about it as a teaching tool.
  • Use the Teacher’s Packet videos and slide shows to share with your band, church or family group.
  • Offer to manage or research a small project with your organizational skills.
  • Help us with grant writing or research.
  • Share our story with someone – just ask us for some brochures!
  • Think about what you enjoy doing and ask how that might help.
  • Email gogreen@ancient-ways.org with your ideas!