Don Ramon and the Q’ero People

Don Ramon Paqsi, a “Q’ero-Pampamesayuq”, is part of a select group who know the ancestral Andean mysteries. The Q’ero people have lived high in the Andes for thousands of years surviving primarily on potatoes and coca leaves. Their culture is threatened as modern technology attempts to replace the old ways. See Living Bridges for more information about his home region.

Don Ramon is an expert “knower” of the secrets of Pachamama, for whom he carries out exclusive ceremonies. Daily life removes us from Pachamama and our relationship to the Apus (mountain spirits); many technological changes interrupt our natural connection with her. When Don Ramon came to Lacomb and the mid-Valley, and shared his unique approach to healing, touching many who came to share in his offering. We visited him in Peru in 2001 and 2008 when he shared his medicine of the Andes with members of the Ancient Ways community.