When you set a Recurring Donation in motion, it allows us to plan with more confidence. We have been so blessed to be able to handle the unforeseen challenges because of people like you extending that extra level of continuity, helping us to face the difficulties, making stability within reach. The 2021 cyclone storms in January and the Community Center wildfire in July are both excellent examples of why we need to be prepared with more than just the sustaining project requirements. Any amount helps – Thank you for whatever you can do!

We all thank you for your continued support! Everyone involved, from the families in Zimbabwe and our partners on the ground there making it happen, to other donors who are players on this side helping us to help them, are all deeply touched by the process of healing that is taking place in the lives of the many, by the efforts of the few. We have an incredible board of directors who gratefully guide our way forward.

We at Ancient Ways are very skilled at making a large impact with few resources, and thank you very much for collaborating with us and being part of the team! Tatenda Chaizvo!