Music is a special language that bridges all cultures, times, and penetrates the human condition. It has the unique ability to reach inside of people, their hearts and minds, and bring them together.

Among its many qualities, music heals…most often it calms the spirit, brings joy and a delicious pleasure to all ages, and rarely brings up negative emotion, although for example, some genres are designed to validate the discomfort of a given situation. Music is well-known for triggering memories of times and places, frequently bringing comfort. Traditions are formed by music bringing together generations and a focus on historical events.

When we play music with each other we are intimately intertwined in our minds and our hearts and can be allowed to be free to be our child-self, delighting and relaxing as if using playground equipment or as part of a team sport. The unusual type of bonding that comes from playing together brings up a spirit of comradery and goodwill, and has a powerful potential to create a safe container for human evolution. Particularly, the learning together as adults, sharing our process with others, is an unusual and impactful opportunity to expand, be vulnerable and happy.

Playing in a group is a microcosm for the macrocosm of life. We must learn patience with ourselves and others, how to be completely present and focus our mindful attention on where we are going while not looking backwards at our stumbles, and also how to be very strong on our part, simultaneously and spontaneously fitting into the whole. Anything that can consume your every cell and bring you into the zone is a meditation and music has the ability to do that. All of this learning can then come into our daily moment-by-moment living…be here now!

Music is a way for us to understand another person and their background, even when we don’t understand their speech.

Music is an especially important part of Shona culture. Through songs and pieces played on marimba, mbira, drum and hosho, as well as with vocals, clapping and other percussion, we honor and raise awareness of Shona culture. We preserve their musical heritage, affectionately build our own community, and bring creativity and joy to our musicians and audiences alike.

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