There and Here

For all of our projects, whether it be about our Zimbabwean village neighbors, friends and healers in Peru, a deep connection with nature in Oregon’s High Desert, or the joy of joining with others in building community locally in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley, the underlying theme is the same. The common thread that is woven through all of these visions is one of celebrating:

  • our unity in our diversity,
  • the extraordinary uniqueness of our personage found in our very ordinary human condition, and
  • life with each other to creatively uplift all of humanity.


Come with us to explore the savannah of the Mhondoro region (named for the great lion spirit) in Zimbabwe, and the mountains of Dewedzo in Dambatsoko (the place where monkeys play). Put on your day pack and journey into the rural areas where people live much as they have for centuries and learn much about the principles of Shona society, ceremony and ritual. Find out if the sunset is really twice as large there or if the star-filled skyscape is far more expansive than you ever imagined. Can you touch Zimbabwe in these web pages? Let your imagination go and see what you bring back from your trip. Consider volunteering here, as a launch pad to accompanying us on our next trip into the bush.


Have you wondered about the Andean people who predate the Spanish invasions, how they lived, celebrated daily survival, and moved their homes up and down the altitudes with the seasons? Have you wanted to know about the Amazon jungle, the medicine that is held there for all humankind, and how the various tribes live? We hope to wet your appetite and encourage your curiosity so you are ready when we have our next opportunity to meet with the healers from these regions, here in Oregon’s mid-Valley or on our next trip to Peru.

Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley

Our mid-Valley attention has been primarily focused on sharing the music from Zimbabwe. Do you love those uplifting sounds? Do the wood vibrations of the marimba or the trance-like poly-rhythms of the mbira songs feed your soul? Do you they make you want to dance even when you are tired? Or help you disconnect from the stress of daily life freeing you just long enough for respite? Feel free to contact us about playing…there are lessons for all ages and all levels of experience. We also study indigenous medicine and are always interested in sharing healing perspectives.

Oregon’s High Desert

We go to the Oregon High Desert outside of Prineville to escape the city sounds and see if the silence of the mountains there can penetrate our minds chatter. The quiet sage and juniper covered land is home to many animals and blesses us with nature and native ancestry of the Paiute people. Keep dreaming up the next journey with us into the desert with music, families, and friendship!