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Since 1993 Ancient Ways has been holding space for learning. The studies have taken many forms but all have focused on remembering who we are, both as individuals and as a collective, with a desire to uplift, heal, and explore beyond the bounds of the box.

Primary attention has been given to the traditional and contemporary music from Zimbabwe as it stirs the passions, uplifts the spirit, and is a very genuine community-building activity, also giving definition to one’s life as a global citizen. Additionally we have spent many hours in discovery of healing traditions from around the world, taking us to Peru, Bolivia, and Zimbabwe. This too adds value as a contribution to the world at large, both through its intentionality and the ripples of that, as well as the concrete effect of growth amongst ourselves. Both the study of music and healing are profound in their ability to encourage us to be present – be here now – and be joyful.

Through the sharing of indigenous peoples cultures we continue to enjoy each other, our evolution as a community, and the unfolding of our personal destinies as they weave with our environment, each other, and our planet. We have an authentic love for the earth, deep respect for diversity in backgrounds, and an abundance of hope for the future.