Film about Ancient Ways in Zimbabwe

A great collaboration has produced a short documentary (under 14 minutes) sharing Ancient Ways efforts in Zimbabwe, which can be viewed on the computer wherever internet can be had.  Many of you, who have helped Ancient Ways by donating time/video/music, plus the efforts of Supreme Master TV, have brought this film into being, which has subtitles in 42 languages and is free to access for all 24/7. Supreme Master TV, focused on positive uplifting messages, found Ancient Ways due to supporters of our projects who are also involved in filming for the spiritual organization.  They created this short film by utilizing:

*         2004 documentary film from Dana Vion and Molly Sirois,

*         Robin Truesdale’s 2006 documentaries,

*         Footage from Cosmas Magaya’s September 2011 Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley visit, and

*         Music from the Mwoyochena kuZimbabwe CD, which was put together by many great musicians to help us raise awareness and money for the villages in 2009.

This film is available to view at:  Or if you prefer to see more of their available films in this category, go to “Good People Good Works”, where you can view films that document uplifting stories from around the world.  The Ancient Ways video is fairly recent, and so is close to the top:  We want to thank all of you who have helped us over the years in many various ways – your assisting us, reaches much farther than you know!

Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or ideas: 541-259-4673, 877-TATENDA,, or visit  We appreciate any way in which you can share the story with your friends, family, or those at work.  Thank you very much!  Tatenda Chaizvo!

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