New Class in Corvallis

Next week August 2nd, from 4 to 5:20 pm, we will begin a 1 month session of 5 weeks for beginners.  The cost is $60 for the 5 lessons.  Ancient Ways (see is sponsoring these classes.  The classes continue year around and so this class is a great way to find out if you like this instrument as a way for musical expression in your life.


The cost of $12 per class is based upon membership in Ancient Ways which is a $25 per year membership.  For beginners we waive the membership fee for a couple of months so you can really decide if you want to support the organization in all of its efforts (e.g. humanitarian outreach in Zimbabwe) as well as if you want to play marimba with us. The membership also covers insurance so we can perform in various venues each year.  Classes,  t-shirts, and other workshops are all at a discount with a membership. For some marimba becomes a life-long friend.  You are invited to try it out with us!

Marimba Classes are being held upstairs in the First United Methodist church between 11th and 12th on Monroe.  Go in the front (Monroe) doors and turn right into the elevator.  Go to 2nd floor and turn right into the double doors.  

Let me know if you are interested in this class.  Payment is due the first class of the month.  Please feel free to call with questions.  541-259-4673 landline or 541-570-9059 cell.

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