Preschool Graduates for Nhimbe 2021

Hoping you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season! 

If you haven’t checked out the last email from us, please do so now as it links you to all of the annual letter information!  Fully deductible donations can be made for 2021. Thank you to those who are reaching out during this busy time of year.  You do make the difference!  

Nhimbe for Progress Preschool is going into its 20th year and has been profoundly successful over the course of many challenges.  This year we found 37 preschoolers graduated, which is up from an average of 25, due to the convoluted school years since the beginning of Covid-19.  Many stops and starts have these children now ready to move on, ready for grade 1 at the schools nearby their homes. 

Boys and girls, by themselves, or with mother, or father, sharing in this big day!

We serve many surrounding villages beyond the core six that are primary to Nhimbe.  Any child who can get to our facilities is allowed to attend.  This may mean that the parents walk the child to and from school each morning and afternoon.  We are very grateful to be able to assist the entire population in the area with these services…and all because of your support!

The children always share what they are learning!

Here the child has a speech to give.

After introducing themselves, these three have a little dancing and singing routine to offer.

This next video feels very connected to the metaphoric nature of the culture and their language…Very creative story line about someone who has been mugged, and the good Samaritan who helps them get care.  The Shona children are always giving plays.

Another two children, each with demonstrated ability to share in public…very sweet. 

Fortunate Takaendesa has been at our school for many years.  She leads the children in much singing and dancing and does a great job.  Here she leads the children in reciting.  This video also gives an idea of the attendance, with parents on the ground, and the visiting official guests under the tent.  There was much competition this year for attendance, due to farming inputs being unexpectedly distributed by the government at the same time.

Isaac Maodzeka is our Building and Security manager.  Although he doesn’t work within the preschool program, he is always around supporting all activities.  You can see the new library and marimba huts being built in some picture backgrounds and it is his job to oversee that, as well as all well building.  He is here on behalf of the team, cheering them all on!

Febby Shava has been with us for 20 years as the head of the Nhimbe preschool.  Last year she also joined the ranks as the co-director of Nhimbe for Progress, handling all of the children and parent communication and support. She is doing a great job! Here she is encouraging the parents and emphasizing the foundational importance of early childhood development.  If you listen closely, you will hear her say “ECD” more than once.

Hope you have enjoyed the Nhimbe Preschool graduation story for 2021. This year, it has taken much more effort for them to send videos and pictures. There has been a combination of increased network difficulties due to the cyclone damage, continuing family business since Cosmas’ passing, as well as the normal challenges of working in rural Zimbabwe. For anyone who has been camping, you get the idea of what daily life entails. Rough, but doable ;*))

Thank you again for your ongoing support! Please click here to go to the website for immediate gratification!  We are doing our best to support them through some of the most intense times in their history.  Its because of you that we are able to do that!  Tatenda Chaizvo from all of those involved!

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