The current Board of Directors is Jan Six, Helen Six, Debby Vajda, Heidi Beck, and Melissa Chamberlin-Bihun.

Jan Six, P.E., GE: President, since October 2009, member since June 2004

Jan Six is a registered professional civil and geotechnical engineer and worked for the Oregon Department of Transportation in the Bridge Design Section for over 33 years. He is now part-time employed with a geotechnical consulting firm in Portland.  Jan became interested in the non-profit organization through the Ancient Ways Zimbabwe music program in early 2000 and this interest in the music, and especially the source of the music, opened doors leading to a greater understanding and appreciation of the humanitarian needs that Zimbabweans face every day, which further led to genuine desire to help support Ancient Ways mission.

Helen Six, RN: Vice President, since October 2009, member since June 2004

Helen Six is an RN and has recently retired after many years of hospital nursing. She began taking marimba lessons from Jaiaen Beck in 2000. It was through this door that she became acquainted with the mission of Ancient Ways.  In 2005 she traveled to Zimbabwe with Jaiaen and had the chance to experience firsthand the real life positive impact the Nhimbe project is having in Mhondoro.  She appreciates the fact that the programs within the project continue to grow and evolve, and enjoys working with the team in Zimbabwe to uplift the lives of many, particularly the children.

Debby Vajda, LCSW: Secretary and board member since October 2009

Debby Vajda has been a practicing clinical social worker for over 40 years, having worked in non-profit counseling agencies for almost 25 years, before transitioning into private practice. She is a previous board member of her local chapter of the American Society for Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics, has served as the president of the international Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology, and is currently president of A Home In Community. She has been pleased to serve on the board of Ancient Ways since October 2009, having been drawn to it through her joy of learning the music.  She never ceases to be amazed at how large an impact this small organization makes! 

Heidi Beck, board member since July 2022

Heidi Beck holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of New Orleans and previously ran a caregiving business for adults with autism and other developmental conditions. Heidi currently has a small bookkeeping business and enjoys the flexible lifestyle that remote bookkeeping allows. She enjoys working with the Ancient Ways Board and volunteering her time. Heidi is drawn to learning more about the needs of young women and children in Zimbabwe and appreciates Ancient Ways’ commitment to long-term sustainable solutions for the people in Zimbabwe. When Heidi isn’t working, she can be found traveling with her husband, reading, or going on short walks in the forest.