Pampered Chef Fundraiser!

Great News! We are partnering with one of our music community members to raise money for our Zimbabwean Youth Well Being children utilizing the Pampered Chef products. People like to give gifts and Pampered Chef makes it easy to:
• order high quality and unique kitchen items,
• receive your order (or send a gift) in a timely way, and
• send up to 25% of the order cost to Ancient Ways!
We decided to collaborate with Robin Reimer as our consultant. She is donating time and proceeds to Ancient Ways. We thought you should know about this great way to ‘contribute’ to our efforts in Zimbabwe!межвенцовые утеплители, как сделать оптимальный выбор

From November 22nd to December 12th you can order: 1) online – choose Ancient Ways as your fundraiser, or 2) or talk to Robin by phone at (541) 908-4779. Your order will arrive in 7-11 days. It’s all so easy!

The funds raised will be put towards the services provided by the Youth Well Being Program. The focus includes: their music, library, after school activities, Life Skills Learning Retreats, Underwear for Over There, and/or Monthly Care for Over There.

Thanks for jumping on board and considering this as one of your gift-giving ideas for the 2012 holiday season! Please call or email Robin at with any questions!
Here are a few FAQs:
• Each order has a $5.25 shipping/handling fee if the order is local mid-Willamette Valley. The website calculates shipping.
• If you spend $75.00 or more on products, you will receive a FREE stackable cooling rack with your order. It is the December Guest Special.
• Payments can be made by credit card or check to Robin Reimer.

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