Zimbabwe Donations for 2012

We have two more days that are available this year to use for fully tax-deductible donations for 2012. We, at Ancient Ways as well as the residents of Mhondoro and Dewedzo Mountains, certainly appreciate all of what you have done in the past and however you help in the future.
We have great goals to accomplish and are able to fulfill these commitments because of your sustaining support. Health for all residents, and youth wellbeing (physically, emotionally, socially, academically), are our primary focuses for 2013. If you have not already visited our website check out www.ancient-ways.org or specifically for donating this year, go to https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2013-focus/. If you wish to use a credit card monthly, please call 877-TATENDA or 541-259-HOPE to set up a reoccurring payment. For example, $5.21 a week builds a well in Zimbabwe! And, $100 provides health care for 50 people, 40 of which are children! Are either of these within reach for your family?
Thank you if you have already earmarked our organization for your charitable giving! Please feel free to forward our story to a friend or family member. It takes a collaborative team here and there to move the wheels of progress. You are an important spoke in making the circle strong.
Wishing you and yours a safe, profitable, and happy new year!Казарки

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