Special Needs Sponsorships for 2012!

We are finding students who are very deserving of a chance at higher education within our Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano projects. It is unusual in Zimbabwe to find children from poor families who have been able to overcome the odds and make it academically. Please read on – you may have a way to assist them! Or check out www.ancient-ways.org/?page_id=338

Special Case Sponsorship – $990 – Tinashe Felix Chirisa
Tinashe’s grades in Form 4 were outstanding – receiving 7 A’s in a country where passing only 5 subjects gets you to the next grade. He recently lost his mother and so is considered an orphan by Zimbabwe standards. His father is a peasant farmer and his sister Benita, has been our Executive Assistant since 2007 (having graduated the University with Honors). He is described as a very hard working, responsible, well-mannered and trustworthy boy. Benita say “He is so brilliant not to continue”. He will not be able to attend the local Advanced level school because it does not offer science or have a laboratory for practical’s, so he will attend a boarding school (Form 5 and 6) to be able to continue studying in the area of his special gifts. A boarding school is a common solution for children who grow up in the rural area but show great promise and need that extra attention of a better school. We are interested in seeing him have a chance at contributing to the world in a significant way. He could begin immediately or the beginning of the next term as of May 2012. Can you help Tinashe realize his dream?

Special Case Sponsorship – $968 – Nyaradzai Shava
Nyaradzai Shava has an opportunity to start a 6 month accounting course (beginning now until the 1st of April 2012). She will be a chartered accountant after graduation. Nyaradzai is Febby Shava’s, our lead preschool teacher’s daughter, and is age 21. Her previous grades highly qualify her for this course. Can you help Nyaradzai with this special training?

Special Case Sponsorship – $410 – Kuda Simeya
Kuda is the one Nhimbe student who graduated from the Matanha Secondary school, doing so with flying colors. He has found an Advanced level school in Harare where he could live with relatives. He is requesting assistance to be allowed to continue his education. Kuda is an unusual child to have made it through the rural system, as Matanha is not known for many graduates. He could begin immediately or the beginning of the next term as of May 2012. Are you able to send Kuda to a better school to continue his education?

Special Case Sponsorship – $130 Tinotenda Victoria Mujuru
Tinotenda has been sponsored through the Jangano project for several years and continues to excel. She attends Mary Magdalene Secondary boarding school and will graduate Form 4 this year thanks to a generous sponsor. At the end of March 2012, her Form 4 exam fees are due. To sit for the exams and graduate you must pay the fees. These exams are the climax of all of her studies to date. Tinotenda is Fradreck Mujuru’s daughter (he is the Jangano Project co-director for which he receives no remuneration). Are you able to help Tinotenda pay these examination fees?

Do you have it within your power to assist any of these students? We will be able to facilitate some letter and picture exchange between you and the student. Thank you for your taking the time to consider these unique young people!

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