Zimbabwe School Fees Now Due

The new year is upon us and children are now in school in Zimbabwe. We are paying their school fees at the end of January. That is one week away! If you haven’t let us know that you would like to sponsor one or more children for our Youth Well Being Program (includes health education, medical care, school fees, extracurricular activities), please do so right away! Just yesterday I had to send an email to our teams in Zimbabwe with the worst possible news – that, based on current available funds, they will have to remove over 280 children from enrollment in school. If you have forgotten to notify us, please do so right away. These kids count on our help to go to school. Remember, any amount will help (see https://www.ancient-ways.org/?page_id=38 for background or https://www.ancient-ways.org/?page_id=1789 for online payments). Even if you can’t quite sponsor one child, if you can help at all, you will make a difference. Thank you!

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