Upcoming Marimba Concert and Fundraiser!

Please help us spread the word about the upcoming concert and fundraiser in Portland this next Saturday the 20th…by using facebook, email etc. you can make a serious contribution to our efforts to raise money for the rural school children in the Jangano project located in the Dewedzo Mountains of Zimbabwe:
• Eight bands, of both children and adults, will play high-energy music from Zimbabwe and Botswana for four hours! These are the marimba students of MyLinda King and we greatly appreciate this incredible support to pay tuition for these Jangano students. (School is not free in Zimbabwe!)
• Put on your dancing shoes and come to Portland Foursquare Church 2830 NE Flanders St. Portland, OR from 12-4:30 April 20th.
• Silent auction and raffle for some great goods and services as well incredible hand-crafts bought from the villagers in Zimbabwe who are recipients of Ancient Ways services!veroxybd.com

Always feel free to write or call with questions. Please read more about the Jangano students at https://www.ancient-ways.org/projects/jangano/campaign-to-keep-jangano-children-in-school/! Thank you!

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