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Upcoming Music Opportunities!

Late spring Greetings!

Is this for real? It’s been extra chilly this spring, so plants have been hiding out inside and going into the earth and the deck pots quite late, but now this weekend’s temps are going into the 80’s and 90’s, of all things!


The incredible weather is coinciding with our annual pilgrimage to the Thyme Garden, just east of Alsea on Sunday May 14th. Here they host a fantastic event in their unique nursery venue surrounded by old growth, on behalf of Mother’s everywhere. On both Saturday and Sunday, vendors from all over the west coast share their wares, complemented by a variety of musicians, with their own exquisite Thyme Garden cuisine tailored for all attendees. The nursery is open! Both of our Ancient Ways groups are playing on this sunny Sunday…please join us! 

• Chipindura Marimba – 11:30 to 1 pm
• Break – Come by to say hello!
• Tamuka Marimba – 2:30 to 4 pm

Also, in May on the 27th, Tamuka Marimba is playing at the Scio Saturday Market, where they bring real food and crafts to the local scene from this very small rural community (under 1,000 people) founded in 1860 and still thriving. We will play from 10 to noon as we share the uplifting music from Zimbabwe…see you there!

If you can’t make either of these May opportunities, do check out our calendar for additional performances as new ones are added regularly.


Our unique approach to sharing the music from Zimbabwe, both traditional and contemporary, as well as original tunes, has an opportunity to expand in Corvallis. Starting in June, new beginning groups will be happening on Monday and Tuesday evenings, as well as our regular Tuesday classes for intermediate and experienced players.

If you have ever wanted to explore this delightful instrument within the context of the Shona music from Zimbabwe, now is the time! Reach out to us by email or phone!


An extra plus in 2023 is the Zimbabwe Music Festival making its way to Corvallis August 3rd through 6th . . . please check out the Zimfest site. Amazing performances, many selections of classes/workshops and many vendors with everything from Africa. We will be there for the 3 days sharing our village crafts, CDs, as well as Africa Rocks!, a collaboration between Ancient Ways and Oregon Mineral and Mercantile. This is a great way to share your love for Zimbabwe!

Do reach out and let us know when you attend any of these events so we can speak face-to-face…too often with the cyber world front-and-center, a digital version of you is in front of me, and I would love to see you up-close-and-personal! I am enormously grateful for the way technology allows you to donate simply (here and here) as well as text, email and phone, but know I also genuinely treasure the hands-on version!

Enjoy this weather . . . hope to see you soon! Tatenda Chaizvo! 

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