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Dear Friends of Zimbabwe,Mountains Photo

Normally by now, an annual letter would be on its way to you, to share an update of our many successes and challenges this year, as well as to ask for your continued support towards our work in 2014. This year, the news will be coming a bit late. My husband has been at home in hospice due to Agent Orange and so my attention has been redirected to these personally urgent things.

We invite you to follow these links to our website and either:
1) Make your annual donation online using your credit card at https://www.ancient-ways.org/about/join-or-donate/2014-focus/
2) Print the donation form from the website https://www.ancient-ways.org/cms/wp-content/uploads/2014-donation-form.pdf and send a check payable to Ancient Ways to PO BOX 346 Scio OR 97374
3) Call the office and set up a recurring payment of any amount on your credit card at 541-259-4673 or 877-TATENDA.

A newsy update will follow in time, and help share a more up-close look at what we are doing and how. We continue to make inroads through the difficult terrain created by economic hardships in two rural areas of Zimbabwe through the Nhimbe for Progress and Jangano projects. When considering donating, please remember that:

 Children in Zimbabwe are not guaranteed a free education. Even though unemployment is at 95%, #1 in the entire world, the parents are required to pay tuition for all grades of school. We not only run a model preschool and feed the children daily, but also sponsor students in all grades who are particularly deserving due to their earnest efforts, and/or needs.
 Older students are also not easily able to go on to higher education. If children in our villages are able to rise through the rural schools with high enough grades we really must invest in them.
 Boys and girls of all ages have limited hope-producing opportunities due to sub-standard living conditions and poverty impacting their health and nutrition. Our after-school programs can reach these children and provide a success filled atmosphere, helpful peer bonding, and health education intervention/intercession.
 Girl children are more vulnerable to forced underage marriage (1 in 5), lack of health education, and simply being taken advantage of. Our empowering programs are reaching young girls with tools and skill building for HIV-free living.
 Mortality rate for pregnant women and infants ranks 14th in 183 countries around the world. We are providing prenatal support and education for women during these times of great risk.
 8 in 100 residents (less than 1 in 10) in our rural areas have a well-built pit-style toilet or pure water well. We continue to build wells as the priority to reduce disease and fatalities, each year benefiting extended families with a well that will last for generations.

There is much more to share in terms of background, pictures, etc., but it will need to wait…we ask you to check out the website if you are unfamiliar with our humanitarian outreach in Zimbabwe, our local music programs, and the incredible gifts in our online store https://www.ancient-ways.org/store/for-sale/zimbabwean-sculptures/ where you find gifts that keep on living!

Thank you for considering our programs and services this year in your annual giving or tithing pledges. Remember that all donations are 100% tax deductible! Always feel free to call with questions.

Jaiaen Beck
Executive Director, Ancient Ways

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