Zimbabwe is on my mind today…

Zimbabwe is on my mind today, particularly the children. You and I can’t solve the world’s problems but we can make a difference! With our attention, focus, and compassion, each of us does change the world! Any donation you make to Ancient Ways is fully tax-deductible. There are still a couple of days left to use your donation as a tax-deductible write-off for 2014.

If you have already replied to our earlier email, thank you very much! If our original letter to you is not available, please see Ancient Ways Website for the annual update and check out 2015 Donation Focus for ideas as to how to help. Any amount makes a difference! And all our programs, such as pure water wells or maturing girls assistance, are vital. But I am writing to you today because there is only a month, with much preparation to do, before the schools open, and currently we have dedicated funds for a little over 17% of the children. Other donations given towards “greatest need” can be put towards the preschool funding but if you are moved by the plight of young children, you can ask that we direct your funds to the preschool.

During this holiday break, most of us have been able to share time with family and/or friends. We can easily buy gas, use our telephone without interference, and watch movies of our choice. We have medical facilities we can count on, insurance that helps with the unexpected, and stores with an abundance of food and other basics. We have so very much for which to be thankful.

If you are able, please share some of your abundance with one of our preschool children. The average cost per child is $330 for the year which is less than $30 a month, or $1 a day.

Please mail a check to PO Box 346 Scio OR 97374, use the online system at the web links above, or call the office at 877-TATENDA to setup a recurring charge on any credit card. Credit cards and PayPal have a fee for use so a check is most direct, but if you enjoy the convenience of the online system or a phone call, they work and we are happy to help! Thank you in advance for whatever you can do!

Always feel free to write or call with questions…thank you for the consideration,

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