Preschool in Zimbabwe gets some renovations!

We got word that the preschool kitchen hut had collapsed.  This is an open air hut that provides a small room for washing dishes and another small room for cooking over a fire.  Research was underway to find a better way to repair the hut.  Utilizing our local builder’s expertise and metal poles to reinforce the roof we completed the repair for around $250.  The new kitchen hut now is strong and keeps the rain out!

Additionally the J.F.Kapnek Charitable Trust found our village preschool in need of playground repairs.  They are partnering with our residents (primarily parents of preschoolers), the older Girl Guides and Machapro boys, and our staff to upgrade the playground equipment. We supplied paint and nails which cost around $250.  Kapnek and residents are providing most everything else to make the following: Climbing Frame, Brick sand-pit, Log sand-pit, Tire sand-pit, Floating Bridge, Balancing Beams, Brick balancing beam, Single Swing, Double Swing and Monkey bar.  This is all currently under construction and will complement the swings, merry-go-round and slide we built many years ago.