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If you received an email about Cyclone Eloise, the post did indeed get sent late last night as a fluke. We were working on the website and are still not clear how it was republished as a brand new post. If you didn’t read about it in March when we first posted, please enjoy in your email, as the duplicate has been removed from the website. Due to your generosity, we were able to repair the Community Center in April and May and get the children back to school on schedule. Thank you for your continued support!

New news to share with you has been slow coming. The complete lock down in Zimbabwe during most of June and July may be lifted really soon. Its now possible for Muda to travel to Mhondoro and get the projects moving again, hopefully heading out tomorrow. In early June, we had purchased extreme amounts of soap (almost $3,000 worth) to distribute over the next four months (their winter) but then were forced to sit tight…no one was allowed any travel. The genuine panic has been high due to the virus variants. So we are all anxious to see what is going on in the rural area.

We had just begun work on several new projects when the fire destroyed the playground. We haven’t even been able to visit the chief to see if we can expand to one side. The cost of fencing may be prohibitive, but the preschoolers certainly can’t play in the ashes. And, now they need to be schooling outside more than ever. Updates to come next week!

We hope this finds you and your family well. Our own county cases here in Oregon are escalating. We are continuing performing outside over the next two weeks, albeit with masks. The first of the August opportunities to share the music was yesterday in Corvallis as the temps were nearing 100. We have a strong crew of marimba-playing-addicts looking at playing three more times in the next two weeks, in Philomath and Silverton. Please do check our calendar in case you are in the area!

Much love for this music keeps our local community well-knitted. We are eternally grateful for the incredible way it has worked in our lives, even during the pandemic. My thanks always go back to my first teacher, Maggie, and we keep paying it forward, all the way to Mhondoro!

Thank you for your time, your thoughts and prayers. I feel very blessed by each of you, and how you have changed my life! Tatenda Chaizvo!

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